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Find the ear pads you need below by looking for the model and color of your Beats headphones:


Beats Headphone Ear Pads

Black Ear Pads for Beats Pro & Detox

$24.95 $21.95

We sell quality Beats replacement Ear Pads to replace your old Beats by Dre ear pads. Available for any model: Beats Studio, Beats Solo, Beats Mixr, Beats Pro, Beats EP and more.

Replace your old and worn out ear pads with one of our high quality models that makes the sound beautiful. Many cushion skins & covers are available!

By replacing the damaged or broken part you will avoid buying a new pair of headphones that could cost you a lot, better choose to repair a product with quality replacement parts because with less money your headphones will be like new and will work perfectly.

Our store guarantees that the replacement parts sold by us are perfect for your Beats headphones because our ear pad models are quality verified.